What’s involved in Counselling?

The main approaches at I work with are Psychodynamic, Person-Centred and Gestalt therapies. Amongst other elements, the work will include the following:

  • The chance to explore your inner experience at a comfortable pace

  • Your thought patterns and how they link in with your behaviour

  • Uncovering unconscious material that is impacting upon your life

  • Your expectations of the world

  • How you view yourself and others

  • How earlier experiences have come to bear upon your life now

  • How to develop new, more suitable methods of coping with difficulty

Help is offered in the context of support, non-judgement, and empathy, and as such needn’t be the daunting experience that some people suspect of psychotherapy. In fact, it is a real support you can rely on in times of distress or confusion.

It is important to understand that success in therapy requires the full participation of both therapist and client, working towards a common goal.