Counselling Approach

I work from an Integrative and Humanistic perspective. This serves as a frame of reference as we uncover what you need from the therapeutic process. The approaches I work with are:

  • Person-Centred therapy, which maintains that the individual enters into a process of growth and learning in the context of a relationship based upon positive regard, empathy and respect for the uniqueness of the individual. It is in this environment that a person’s inherent capacity for change and development comes into play.

  • Psychodynamic therapy. This is an offshoot of psychoanalysis, and views the personality as the result of an interplay of conscious and unconscious factors. It involves exploratory work to uncover the motives underlying conflicts, taking into account how the past is re-appearing in the present. It aims to create shifts in the psyche and is particularly helpful for long-standing difficulties or patterns that recur in an individual’s life.

  • Gestalt therapy, an experiential process that works in the ‘here and now’. It is based upon the premise that giving expression to immediate thoughts and feelings bypasses the impulse to become shut down to the present moment. It moves awareness into expression, giving voice to what may otherwise be repressed material.

This is a brief outline of these approaches, and their aim is to facilitate your process of awareness and self-discovery.

If you have any questions about how I work or would like more information on these approaches, please do not hesitate to get in touch.